Marketing in one sentence
The marketing team is responsible for getting consumers interested in a company's product or service.

Who do they work with?
Marketing works most closely with the Executive Suite, Product, and Sales.

Marketing includes a wide range of roles

"Marketing in tech focuses on using new digital platforms and services to capture, persuade, and sell to a wide audience of target customers in ways that makes sales and customer success teams more efficient."
- Doug Rangi, Marketing Manager at DesignMap

Marketing encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities related to how a company interacts with its customers. Sounds simple, right? And the overall role of the marketing team is straightforward, it's a one-to-many sales approach to interacting with customers.

That being said there is a lot of confusion surrounding marketing roles because of the sheer scope of different functions within the marketing umbrella. Let's break it down by looking at a the marketing for a typical B2B software company.

The organization of a marketing team will certainly vary from company to company, but conceptually you can break marketing roles into two primary categories at the highest level: company-level marketing and product-level marketing.

Company-level marketing includes all internal and external communications on behalf of the company as a whole.

Product-level marketing includes Digital Marketing and Product Marketing.

Digital Marketing is essentially responsible for generating interest in a company's product by getting it in front of the intended market. This includes everything from generating the copy and marketing materials, developing campaign strategy and optimizing its delivery via various digital channels like social, email, and blogs.

Product marketing requires deep product knowledge and involves creating materials that showcase the product's unique value proposition.

Learn from the pros

Christina Lavingia
Content Marketing

Christina has over 5 years of experience in content marketing and editorial content production. She currently works as a Content Marketing Manager for PayJunction, a payment processing startup based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tips for would-be marketers

"You should be careful when vetting companies for potential growth opportunities. A company that is looking to grow and expand their marketing team will have significant opportunities for you to try on different hats vs. a company that has a very specific marketing need and may not need to grow and leverage different marketing roles. Be sure to ask when interviewing what the Marketing Director's vision is for the future of the marketing team."

"You need to be interested in what the company you work for is doing. Constantly creating marketing materials on a subject you don't care about would be excruciating."