People Ops

People Ops in one sentence
A Customer Success manager is responsible for ensuring that customers are receiving value from a company’s products and services.

Who do they work with?
People Ops works most closely with Finance & Accounting, the Executive Suite, and Business Operations.

People Ops powers companies most valuable asset

The People Operations (People Ops, aka Human Resources) team manages anything and everything involving a company’s most important assets, its people. Working in human resources has a less than glamorous reputation, but at a tech startup the role can be data-driven, creative, and extremely fulfilling. Here Laszlo Bock, the SVP of People Operations at Google, gives his take on how Google thinks about hiring and retaining top talent.

It's an exciting time to be working in People Ops, some practices that have been standard for decades are being upset by technological advances in data collection. The introduction of massive amounts of data about a company's people has led to pioneering research and radical changes in the industry. Harvard Business Review published a detailed report of how Deloitte completely revamped its existing industry-standard employee evaluation system based on internal and external research -- and this is happening everywhere, giving the people ops team real leeway to innovate. Goodbye Human Resources, Hello People Operations.

Learn from the pros

Blake Overholt
Strategic Talent Acquisition
Insightly (SF)

Blake Overholt has over four years of experience in Recruiting and currently works at Insightly, a CRM software company based in San Francisco. Their software helps businesses of all sizes build customer relationships and grow their customer base.

Tips for would-be Recruiters

"As a recruiter, you'll need to love developing and optimizing process -- it's a process oriented role. Great communication skills are definitely necessary, but really it's the data-driven approach to your recruiting pipeline that gets results."